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Values and Etiquettes

Family values and morals are not easily learned at school or in textbooks. Rather, they are a part of life that must be witnessed, felt, and practiced. You can talk to your children about the values that are important to you, your family, and society. You can discuss moral behavior and immoral behavior in ways that are appropriate to your child's age and understanding.

Rather than just by talking, the importance of such behaviour is shown to the children in role plays. Parents and Teachers should live out what we want to teach our children. We believe that children constantly notice what we do rather than what we say. It is an excellent opportunity to let our children develop in morals/values and etiquettes which will be an asset for them and the society.

These etiquettes must be exercised at home on daily basis so that it becomes habit for children. Etiquettes teach children how to conduct themselves in public and the purpose is to avoid offending others.

Changing values and temperament it becomes imperative for all of us to inculcate these habits in our children to save this society from various crimes, aggression and negative attitude. 

The course aims at showing such behaviour in role plays so that children know what is good or bad for themselves.

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