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Our Values

Illuminati Institute's foundation and Working rests on the following values:


Total Integrity - Integrity of Thought, Word and Action

Purity in thinking, speaking and actions is a key attribute of a well developed and polished human being. This kind of attribute is loved, respected and remembered for life and is the ultimate attribute required to be called as a Complete Human Being.

Meticulous Planning and Execution

Two stage planning - conceptual and then Detailed - helps every individual execute faster and with focus, avoid mistakes and take rapid corrective actions without repetition of action, saving efforts and time. This is needed in every task of our life. 

Passion in everything we do

Passion brings honesty and joy in the work we do every day.

Commitment for Excellence to the Parents, Students and the Society

Commitment for Excellence gives us the necessary fuel for Continuous Performance Improvement in our efforts and methodologies. 

Being and Developing a Complete Human Being

Being humble and logical human being develops into a personality that brings meaning to a gifted life. 


Our Achievers in Academics and Creative Learning