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Science & Technology

Understand Science & Technology through Hundreds of experiments - demonstrated, displayed and explained - Discovering the tricks, strength, nuances and applications of Physics in multiple fields -grasp the concepts and the formulae controlling these experiments through lectures, videos and demonstrations.

Key topics of Physics, covered for in-depth understanding cover Light, Sound, Gravity, Heat, Space, Motion, Dimensions, Time, Density, Viscosity, Speed, Velocity, Acceleration, Mass, Weight, Momentum, Impulse, Force, Energy, Angular Velocity, Angular Momentum, Moment of Inertia, Torque, Conservation Laws, Work, Power, Harmonic Motion, Wave, Electricity & Current, Charge, Capacitance, Electrical Conductivity, Electrical Field, Electric Potential, Electromagnetic Field, Electrical Resistance, Electromagnetic Induction, Magnetic field, Magnetic flux, etc...

Key topics in Chemistry cover Enthalpy, Entropy, Equation of State, Free energy, Ideal Gas Law, Internal Energy, Laws of Thermodynamics, Irreversible Process, Mechanical Action, Pressure, Reversible Process, Spontaneous Process, Temperature, Thermodynamic Equilibrium, Thermodynamic Potential, Thermodynamic Process, Thermodynamic State, Thermodynamic System, Volume, General Principle of Relativity, Gravito-electromagnetism, Inertial Frame of Reference, Length Contraction, Mass-Energy Equivalence, Principle of Relativity, Speed of Light, Time Dilation, Twin Paradox, etc.


Science & Technology - Unfolded through lectures, videos and experiments. Explore the hidden facts of physics and chemistry, play with the puzzles, get mentored by expert faculty from IITs.


You just need a spark to ignite your mind, and you will start loving Science more and more.


Endless knowledge, continuous feed and relentless answering to your queries can only build your knowledge about Science & Technology. Start emptying the ocean drop by drop. Gather knowledge from every where, and learn to learn yourself.


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