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IIST: Science & Technology

We offer Quarterly, Six-monthly and Annual Certification courses building capabilities.

The courses cover key themes & topics of Science & Technology through Lectures, Videos and Demonstration Experiments in Physics & Chemistry, Concepts in Applied Mathematics (Analytics, Shortcuts, Mental Maths) and through a detailed understanding of Automobile assembly & parts, Photography, Electrical and electronic Gadgets.

Fun with Physics - Physics Experiments

Playing and discovering the tricks, strength, nuances and applications of Physics in the field of air, heat, sound, water, light, electricity, magnetism, machines, materials and electronics are offered to the students. Students are also taught the concept and the formulas controlling these experiments.

Fun with Chemistry - Chemistry Experiments

Various displays and experiments are used to teach the concepts of matter and its physical and chemical states, their properties and applications in real life. The objective is to imbibe an interest for understanding the theory and laws governing the chemical reactions, physical and chemical properties of reactants and products and their useful applications.

 Fun with Mathematics - Maths through activities

Mathematics is the fundamental and an essential tool to understand the activities and to make new discoveries in the field of natural science, medicine, engineering, finance and social sciences. Statistics and game theory got developed while applying mathematics to the other fields. Mathematics is used in the study of quantity, structure, space and change (i.e. arithmetic, algebra, geometry and analysis). It explores the links from mathematics to other fields: to logic, to set theory (foundations), to the empirical mathematics of the various sciences (applied mathematics), and more recently to the rigorous study of uncertainty, Concepts, demonstrations and formulae are explained and taught through lecture series, adequate enough to elicit the hidden scientists, engineers, and mathematicians within.



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