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IISE: Social Excellence

IISE offers a true Personality Development Program (Quarterly, Six-monthly, Year-long or two years based on the need of the child) that aims at developing a wholesome personality, i.e. being a complete human being.

It consists of mastery in spoken English, a confidence level that is based on True Knowledge, Public Speaking, General Knowledge, a “Can Do” attitude, and a value system that is based on Integrity of Thought, Word and Action.

Student is assessed regularly on True Personality Meter (TPM) Score, and benchmarked for improvement month on month.

English Grammar, Pronunciation, Interactive English, General Knowledge, Etiquettes & Values are covered in this course.

Illuminati Institute added new thoughts and ideas to the Personality Development Course. With brilliant and imaginative minds joining fresh in the course, the faculty has evolved to add "Creative Thinking" as an value-add to the course ...it is difficult yet exciting and mesmerizing to creatively think and write. You write about the realms where no one has written about, ever. You dream and imagine the unthinkable....you wear the cloak of imagination and personify the un-dead & non-existent virtual entities and practice about it every week....you dream about "If I were TIME" OR "If I were a drop of Water" OR "If I were a JOKER" and thousand many imaginative topic....and lo...you have added a new skill to yourself....you have another career to look forward to....A Writer, A Blogger, A Critique, A Story-teller......and a creative personality tag to yourself...

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Our Achievers in Academics and Creative Learning