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Illuminati Angels

Play school education is fundamental learning through innovative techniques that are recreational in nature. Illuminati Angels believe that the child's time spent with us is vital to initiate his/her intellectual and spiritual growth. We ensure that quality is of utmost importance and this is achieved through most experienced teachers in the respective field.

Illuminati's program is designed to inculcate the Indian Values and etiquettes. It is a detailed program aimed at increasing the knowledge base not just by traditional method but by other modern techniques as well. This not only enhances the knowledge but leads to overall development of the child. There is constant support and monitoring done by the teacher which is achieved through low teacher student ratio. This ensures individual attention and hence improves the overall quality of the institution.

Through various activities children not only learn the concepts but also enjoy them thoroughly. This is a tender age and the knowledge and skills imparted during these years play a very important role in developing the kids. After acquisition of these skills they are able to handle any kind of challenge in their life.

Illuminati Angels Teaching Technique

Our daily activities allow time for group learning and individual experiences. In the classroom, your child will engage in activities that encourage him to:

. Express his feelings, explore by asking questions, engage in doing new things and enacting role plays

. Learn the computer techniques required for everyone in today's world

. play indoor and outdoor games necessary for overall physical and mental skill enhancement

. Read books, tell and listen to stories and have one on one conversation to improve confidence 

We believe that it is essential to help child at this young age to develop his/her capabilities and skills, which further will lead him/her to successful study in formal school and further in life.

Positive environment and tools are necessary for learning process in this age and Illuminati provides this atmosphere so that they can learn in stressless conditions.

Programs Offered:

Play Group - Age 2 to 2.5 years

Pre-Nursery - Age 2.5 to 3 years

LKG - Age 3 to 3.5 years

Our Achievers in Academics and Creative Learning