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Course Content

Illuminati Angels program is developed by the most modern techniques in the world of education. We have a specially designed program that caters to every age and every stage that falls within the preschool arena. The program is a unique blend of education and activities that not only teach your children, but actually inspire them to learn!

We at Illuminati Angels believe that every child is a natural learner and is inquisitive about new things. It is our job to provide the materials and activities that support and enhance your child's ability to learn. Each day at Illuminati offers your child opportunities to learn key Science, Maths, English, Hindi, Social and other concepts and skills necessary to provide success. It is a balanced program for enhancing the learning experience of your child.

It is a mixture of fun with learning where the child gains essential skills needed for making the sound foundation of their schooling and life. Come join us for the joy of learning in the Illuminati way.

The curriculum has been designed by the experts in the field of education with more than 25 years of experience. The aim is to integrate the best and the most advanced techniques to impart the knowledge and values of India.

The course is designed to include:

1. Logical thinking

2. Calculation - Mathematical operations, patterns and numbers

3. Language skills - Reading and Writing

4. Understanding Nature and appreciate living and non-living things

5. Communication skills, Group dynamics, sensitivity to others

6. Awareness of inner self, Values, beliefs and Etiquettes

7. Physical activities for being healthy

8. Creative work - Drawing, Art and Craft

Video and activity based learning ensure that the concepts are thoroughly inculcated into young minds and they stay with them forever.

3 way learning ensures that there is an positive environment that encourages children to explore and ask new things. They have a very good rapport with their respective teachers and one on one conversations are encouraged to satisfy their queries.

 Story telling and Role plays are designed to ensure that the child learns the basic concepts with ease and understand the importance of it. Regular offsites are arranged to equip the child with nature and physical activities. 

Special emphasis is on enhancement of communication skills (Verbal and Written) to increase the confidence level of the child.




Our Achievers in Academics and Creative Learning