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Illuminati Institute offers different workshops in the following categories:

Fine Arts:

5 Days (Basic) workshop, conducted daily for a quick and basic understanding of any art form and style from the given menu of Fine Arts offerings.

You'd have the option to choose from Quilling  Punch Craft , Calligraphy Painting , Flower Making , Glass Painting , Warli Art , M-seal Work , Marble Tanjore, Dako Patch , Pot Painting, Coffee Painting , Oil Pastel Colours and Origami.   

10 Days  workshop, conducted daily for a detailed exposure to the art form and style and for a reasonably good experience of learning and creation together.

Here, you'd have the option to choose from Art & Craft, Waste Material Usage, Water Colour Painting, Acrylic Painting, Fabric Painting, Paper Mache, Quilling, Flower Making , Glass Painting , M-seal Work , Ceramic Work and Pot Painting.

20 Days (One Month) - Art and Craft, 16 Days Drawing Workshop (Sketching and Shading/Colouring)

Personality Development (For Kids and Teens) - One Month Workshop 


Role Plays

Writing skills (Letters, Paragraphs, Essays, Stories etc)

Presentations, Comprehension passages

Extempore, Expressions, Etiquettes

Debates, Speeches

Confidence Building, General Knowledge


Videos for concept clarity

General Knowledge (For Class V to IX)

Topics related to History, Environment, Animal and Plant life, Rights and Duties,Countries, Discoveries and Inventions, Markets, Culture, Universe and beyond

Toddler Shine (For Age group 3 to 6 years)

Ocean (Knowledge Based program), Spark (Creativity Based Program)

Culinary Art (Cooking):

Master Chef (Cool)- Without use of fire (Class III to IX)

10 Days (Detailed) workshop, conducted daily for a detailed exposure to the Culinary Art (Cooking Style / type) for a reasonably good experience of learning and taste achieved together. 

Master Chef (Ablaze) -with use of fire (Class IV to XII)

20 Days workshop includes snacks, chinese, continental, Italian and baking 

Reading and Writing Skills (Class I to V)

English and Hindi both included

Improvement in Reading skills

Comprehension skills

Handwriting and Speed writing

Vocabulary and Sentence Construction

Science and Technology (Class IV to VIII)

Knowledge, Puzzles,  Quiz


Experiments in Physics and Chemistry

Concepts through Videos






Our Achievers in Academics and Creative Learning