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Why Illuminati

Illuminati, as the name signifies, aims to enlighten the world with a Quality of Service and an unmatched Value System of Total Integrity of Thought, Word and Action. And just one earthen light is enough to fight the darkness out of life.

Illuminati stands for:

  1. An excellent faculty, identified with a mountain of educational base and an ocean of experience in teaching and mentoring kids, students and people around us. Typically the faculty is from IITs, Top MBA Institutes, CAs and Honours graduates and post-graduates from Delhi and other reputed Universities. The depth of experience is drawn from a major part of their lives spent in academic and corporate world, administering quality and improvements in people, individually and in large groups, mentoring one and leading large many simultaneously.


  2. A strict discipline followed by the faculty, in completing the prescribed course with utmost quality of understanding, and homework and tests added to polish the learning. Students are also taught to follow a disciplined approach in devoting attention and required time to the teacher and the course taught, and run in line with the expectations of the teacher. We believe in taking the group along, by supporting slower students with additional classes, thereby maintaining the discipline of quality in Service.


  3. Transparency in delivering Education – We believe that teaching through face to face interaction in the class room environment can never be replaced by providing study material. Today, the market offers innumerable books and reference material, however, we believe in helping the student to understand the concepts and build on problem solving skills, speed and accurate through regular practice. This is methodology is adopted while emphasizing on one primary and one reference book only, and the additional support provided through test and proactive sessions.


  4. Illuminati Institute’s “Competitive Edge” Course Integrates the school curriculum with the problem solving and creative thinking techniques of the competitive future, that are important to be embedded in student’s acumen in early stages of academic life. The entire focus in this specialized “Competitive Edge” Course is to help the student learn techniques, patterns, short-cuts, and polish his/her analytical and logical ability in Science & Mathematics. Creative thinking trait is also polished through certain techniques followed in this course.


  5. Revision and Doubt Clearing classes enable the slower students to receive additional attention in rest of the day, through one-to-one or group sessions. and pick-up speed that is followed in the regular course.


  6. “We care” is the cultural attitude that we are proud of and expect an attitude of “Gratitude” from the students and parents for our sincere effort and passion for Quality Service.
Our Achievers in Academics and Creative Learning