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Fine Arts / Applied Arts

Painting - Painting is one of the most vibrant modes of creative expressions, and its forms are numerous.

Drawing and shading - Free hand Drawing is one of the simplest and most efficient means of communicating visual ideas. It is the basic requirement for various other art related activities. Shading is important as it clearly shows the character and contour of all surfaces of any three-dimensional aspect of the design. Without shading the drawing resembles technical or engineering drawing without dimensions.

Colouring (Pencil, Pastel, Oil, Water) – Different mediums are used for colouring and each of these mediums have their own pros and cons. Pencil colours are easy to use and they can be applied to any surface from paper to wood. Pencil colours can be mixed with any other type of medium very easily. Pastel colours are dry medium of colour. Pastel paintings emit an intensity of colour unchallenged by any other medium. It’s dry nature is very useful since it saves lot of time. Oil colours are very traditional but still the most popular mediums. Oils have great depth of tone and colour intensity which can be controlled at any stage of the painting and are very flexible to use. Water colours gives brightness, are inexpensive and easy to handle. They increase the gloss, improve the flow and provide texture to the painting.


Glass Painting – Glass painting gives artistic touch to our homes, crockery, etc. These paintings are a visual delight for everyone. Designs just need little imagination and amazing work of art is created in a limited time.

Nib Painting – This is a form of painting where different type of nibs are used with oil colours to form beautiful motifs on cloth, paper etc.


Coffee Painting – A very interesting painting can be created out of kitchen material, i.e. Coffee, which is easily available in any house. This form of painting can be made easily and in no time.


Fabric Painting – This technique is very famous with ladies as they love to decorate their bed-sheets, suits, pillow covers, saris etc., to give new look to their clothes.


Screen Painting - Screen printing is a process of using a stencil and ink to be used on materials like cloth, wood etc. It is also known as silkscreen, serigraphy, and serigraph printing. A number of screens can be used to produce a multicoloured image or design.


Pot Painting (Drawing/M-Seal/Ceramic) – Pot painting is very famous amongst kids and ladies now days. It is a form of art which is used to decorate homes, hotels, hospitals, airports etc. It can be very simple or very complicated, as per the requirements. This has become a very lucrative business in India, especially during the festival season.


Paper Mache – It is a combination formed by paper, glue, starch etc and is used as a medium to create variety of gift items. Some of the art pieces made by Paper mache are Jharokha and Dako Patch.


Soft Toy Making – Soft toys not only attract children but everyone. Demand for such toys is increasing in domestic as well as global markets. All countries are eyeing India for soft toys and hence it is having a very lucrative and promising market.


Art and Craft – This program specifically aims at widening the 3-D visualization and handicraft skills of a student. Here they learn and develop many pieces of art and craft under the categories of Ceramic / M-seal work, Fancy Items (Frames, Candle Stands, etc.), Quilling, Candle / Diya Making and POP Chisel Wor


Metallic Art – Students are taught the fineries of metallic art work, using the precision skills of drawing and punching, balancing the pressure applied by hands while working on the art pieces.


Tanjore - Tanjore Paintings have a very rich heritage widely used in South India. These paintings are traditional but still innovative in limited way. Rich vibrant colours, dashes of gold, semi precious stones, pearls and fine artistic work are the basic characteristics of these paintings.  These paintings take lot of time and are considered to be a very good gift for Corporate, hotel and relatives during the festival season / occasion.

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