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Fun with Maths

Fun with Mathematics:

Mathematics through Activities: Mathematics is the fundamental and an essential tool to understand the activities and to make new discoveries in the fields of natural science, medicine, engineering, finance and social sciences. Statistics and Game theory got developed while applying mathematics to other fields.

Mathematics is used in the study of quantity, structure, space and change (i.e. arithmetics, algebra, geometry and analysis). It explores the links from mathematics to other fields: to logic, to set theory, to empirical mathematics and to rigorous study of uncertainty.

Concepts and formulae are taught through demonstrations and lecture series, adequate enough to elicit the hidden scientists, engineers and mathematicians within.

Key topics covered here are: Logic, Set Theory, Natural numbers, Integers, Rational Numbers, Real numbers, Complex Numbers, Combinations, Number Theory, Group Theory, Graph Theory, Order Theory, Algebra, Geometry, Trignometry, Differential Trignometry, Topology, Fractal Geometry, Measure Theory, Calculus, Vector Calculus, differential Equations, Dynamic systems, Chaos Theoy, Complex Analysis, Decision Theory, Mathematical Physics, Fluid dynamics, Numerical Analysis, Optimization, Probability Theory, Statistics, Cryptology, Mathematical Finance, Game Theory, Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Chemistry, Mathematical Economics, and Control Theory, etc.


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